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Tips to extend the life of your Garage Door

Are you surprised that your garage door has a life span? Don’t be! It depends on a lot of factors but garage doors here in Sun Lakes, AZ can last for decades with proper care and maintenance. As you are probably aware, garage doors are more than just the door itself. The entire package is composed of dozens of parts, from small to large. The basic garage door ensemble consists of the door itself, panels, pulleys, sections, springs, cables, tracks, pulleys, hinges, safety sensors, opener system, remote control and maybe even windows and insulation. Each garage door is unique and can vary in expected life span and maintenance requirements. You can expect a good 30 year life span out of your garage door itself with roughly half that time for your opener unit. Your springs count their life span differently. Torsion springs last for 10,000 to 20,000 cycles and extension springs for about half of that. A cycle is counted as one open and one close and since people use their garage doors at different rates, this method of measuring is more accurate.

Garage door maintenance is important

As you might expect, garage door maintenance plays a big role in how long they last. Here at Sun Lakes Garage Door Repair we tell our local customers that maintaining their garage doors does more than just keep repair and replacement expenses down, it also helps keep your garage door safer, better looking, and more dependable. Most people lead busy, productive lives and really don’t have time to always be fixing or replacing their garage door parts. It’s true that a little bit of maintenance can go a long way in preventing major repair projects and expenses later. Be honest; if you drive down the street and see an obviously damaged and poorly kept garage door; what do think? You assume that the owners are in financial difficulty and that the overall property is likely run down and poorly maintained. Of course, that may not be true but first impressions count for a lot and are often right! If the property was up for sale, a poorly maintained garage door would most certainly result in a lower offer to buy as well as a lower appraisal. It may even incur a fine by the local homeowners association!

It’s an appliance!

No, we are not talking about your dishwasher! Your Sun Lakes, AZ garage door is an appliance and should be treated like one! Much like your water heater, air conditioning unit and refrigerator, your home’s garage door is one of the most hard working and vital parts of your residential property. If you have a south facing garage door, a little insulation added to it will help reduce heat transfer into the garage. We get some hot summers here in Arizona and your Sun Lakes garage can always benefit from a little TLC (tender loving care) when it comes to maintenance. Plenty of locals use their garages as an extra room or entertainment area. A thermally insulated garage can result in more comfortable experience as well as lower cooling and heating bills. We’ve already mentioned your garage door springs. Proper care for them can result in longer life, a safer experience and more dependable service for you and the people that live with you.

Start by keeping a clean door

Garage door maintenance is not time consuming or hard to accomplish. One of the most basic things you can do for garage door maintenance is to keep all parts of your garage door clean. You can clean the inside and the outside of your residential or commercial garage door by using good old soap and water. A mild detergent works best. Be sure to rinse completely and if you like, you can add car wax to your steel garage door in colder months. If your garage door is made of wood, feel free to paint it as soon as you notice the older paint layers starting to chip off or flake. Wood composites don’t need paint so just keep them clean.

Safety eyes

Your photo electric safety eyes are vital to keep clean.Not only will they last longer but they will work so much better. Look for spider webs around your sensors and be sure to clean them off whenever found. These webs can not only block your sensor signals but they can cause other items like bugs, leaves, sticks and dirt to scratch your sensor lenses and further block the much needed transmission between one sensor and the other. A clean, soft cloth works best. Try to avoid squirting with a garden hose as sometimes the safety eyes can short out when water is forcefully used to clean them.

Lubrication for your garage door

The garage door itself does not need lubrication but you can and should lubricate the springs, hinges and rollers every 3 or 4 months. Use a light silicone spray lubricant that protects against rust, is water repellent and will cut down on noise. Many people use WD-40 but this is more of a degreaser and will actually strip the oil off of metal parts - the opposite of what you are trying to do. Try 3 in 1 lube as it is not only effective but comes with an attached straw for more concentrated application in addition to more generalized spray.

Spot check now and then

Every now and then do a spot check of your tracks, pulleys, bolts, wires and cables. Look for anything frayed or loose, and don’t hesitate to tighten, lubricate or adjust as needed. If it’s something you are not sure of or don’t feel comfortable doing, just call our shop or your favorite Sun Lakes, AZ garage door repair technicians and have the work done by professionals. Remember, your garage door can look great and work just as well, with a minimum of upkeep and maintenance. And if you can spend less money on repairs and bolster your property values; why not?

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